Gourmet Snacks | Gourmet Food

Delight your taste buds with our gourmet snacks! Treat your sweet tooth with cookie dough or chocolate-covered popcorn. Give yourself a hand in the kitchen with one of many spice mixes. And be the ultimate party guest by bringing beer bread to the party! We have sweet and savory foods depending on what mood you are in. We could also bundle a variety of items together to create a beautiful and unique gift basket.

All About The Humble Crate

After many years as the organizer of the Pickerington Farmer’s Market, Janis, the owner of The Humble Crate concocted a plan. She thought the vendors at the farmer’s market should be able to have a place year-round to sell their merchandise. That was when she got the idea for The Humble Crate. She wanted it to be the exact opposite of a Big Box Store, so she looked up Big in the thesaurus and the opposite word was Humble. And since another name for box is crate, she went with that! The Humble Crate opened its doors in November 2019 and is home to over 80 vendors!