Shop Hop This Thursday 11/10/22

Good morning you guys! Janis here with The Humble Crate Artisan Marketplace. It’s Saturday morning 11:20 and I am just coming on to say hello it is so nice outside look at this oh crap my sign blew over. Yeah look at that it’s so windy but I tied it, son of a gun, I tied it to the building there so it didn’t go too far but it already fell and I’ve got it duct taped. But anyway that’s not what I was coming on here for. It’s such a pretty day though the weather is so nice that I’ve got the door wide open but just wanted to show you some things I did get some trees out I’m not finished I have so many ornaments to put on there but look at some of these cute ornaments.

Christmas Shopping

Got crew and got Blue Jackets and I had like five Ohio State trees like that and they’re all gone, all sold. Don’t want you to forget about our Pottery, our wine chillers look at this cute ornament too that has just come into the shop.

I particularly love these. The Nutcrackers. You guys like The Nutcracker Suite? Do you watch that every year? Do you go downtown and watch that? Original Pat Smith ornaments. They’re just eight dollars. They’re so cool. There’s a basket full of those and then we’ve got Panther, Tiger, and Ohio State ornaments. I know congratulations to the Tigers that won last night and congratulations to North for playing a good game.

We still have fall stuff out but we are transitioning into Christmas. But we will always have you know neutral things. We’ve got our pillows Pick Ohio but I did a special order for Athens. I’ve done a special order for Hilton Head. I can do any pillow, any pillow at all.

Our new food aisle. I just have it this way here so you can see everything that we have.

Everything is produced in Ohio that we have here. These are nice bath salts. A set here. We had these last year and they sold out. She had to bring them back several times and it’s like three different bath salts for only 17.99 with a cute canvas bag to put them in. She also has them in a larger size there in the bags along with a cute wooden scoop. They have their own little canvas bags that come with them. It’s a really cute set and let me see how much is that.

It’s only 16.99 so that is awesome.

I got some new collars in just this morning. They popped them in my mailbox, a lot of Christmas ones. There’s another crew one but yeah all the Ohio State sweater trees are gone yeah I’m gonna put all the all the Christmasy ones there.

osu pattern dog collar - available at the shop hop

These are stained glass. Maybe I’ll move these to the front window. That’s Santa Claus Half Moon or a crescent moon. Here’s a bunch of ornaments I just popped them in this basket temporarily. We’ve got gnomes. We’ve got Santa Clauses. We’ve got snowflakes and don’t forget our awesome stocking stuffers. This is good old-fashioned fun here. Slingshot little wooden cars. We only have two crossbows left and I will probably never be able to get any more of those again. We’ve got marbles, good old-fashioned fun.

Everybody likes these pens but guys are kind of drawn to them. If you have a police officer or a firefighter in your life these pens are very well received as gifts.

He does such a good job, that’s Bob, my next-door neighbor actually, and if you have a cook in your life these Chef’s knives. Chef’s knives are amazing. These are new items pocket knives, Ohio State, Daddy and Grandpa

Boy, that wind is really whipping out there. My sign or the balloons I’m probably gonna hear a pop any minute now. Here’s some sets too candle sets and this you can put these in the microwave or in the freezer and this goes over your eyes and there’s a candle and some matches. we’ve got headbands. Our hot cocoa bombs, you know what you guys they are already selling like crazy. Candie made some kits so you can make your own. What a good project this would be for your kids to make your own hot cocoa bombs.

pickerington tigers purple tshirt

All right, well, I just wanted to pop on here real quick. For all you guys if you want some Tiger wear or Panther we’ve got it we’ve got you covered. Here we’ve got hoodies and t-shirts. Today you’d want a t-shirt the weather’s so nice. Right okay just a real quick run through. Show you guys the shop and hope to see you all real soon.

Shop Hop Thursday 11/10/22

We’re here 11 to 5 and don’t forget next Thursday is our shop hop. We’re going to be open until eight o’clock and all the shops at downtown Pickerington are going to be open so look for the signs down here in the village and we’re all going to have special things going on. It’s going to be a lot of fun we are so excited to do this. Hope to see you soon bye!

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