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Hi, you guys How you doing? It is Saturday 12:22pm. Who’s watching the Ohio State game? Hands up! No? I wanted to do two things. Number one: Oh it was coming down bigger earlier! What do you think of this snow?

How many of you guys have misplaced your hat and gloves and scarves? You know that we are your go-to place for that. Linda makes these with Petal Patch. These fingerless gloves. She has recycled old sweaters to make these. I love them. I think they are awesome. So there’s fingerless gloves there and she made these hats also and these headbands. And for you OSU fans, I know the games today so well there’s more than one game, but look at these ear warmers and hats and then we have scarves as well.

cups by candy tumblers premium

How cute right? Looky.

Some of these are made out of cashmere sweaters and they are so incredibly soft. Here’s our Ohio State Corner. Candy just brought this in. Cups by candy made that tumbler. She does such a good job man.

We’ve got a lot of Christmas things and we still have some fall stuff. Look at that. I call him the angry gingerbread man. Is he adorable?

Christmas Ornaments

I laugh at stuff when they’re that angry. It’s like what? Look at these ornaments.

ohio state ornament, red, buckeyes


These are genuine hand-painted by Pat Smith.

Stained glass.

I’m still kind of blending the winter in with the fall because it is technically still fall even though the snow is out there falling. Another genuine Pat Smith. Look at the detail on that. She just does such a good job. I’ll be back there in a sec to show you some of the other things. Here’s some of the other handmade ornaments.

We’ve got Pickerington Tigers and Panthers. We’ve got the Grinch. We’ve got Ohio State Buckeyes.

pickerington tigers and pickerington panters ornaments

Look at this stained glass. When the Sun was shining really really bright yesterday, you should have seen the sun coming through there. It looked really really good.

We just have so much. A lot of the vendors have been bringing in their winter and Christmas items.

Look at these. Look at that tumbler. Shaunessa. That is so cute.

There’s that one and she has made a mug. They match. A mug and a tumbler. Look at the Grinch. How cute!

She does such a good job. You can put cold things in here. Cold drinks or hot.

How many of you guys came down for the shop hop Thursday night? It was crazy busy. Candy’s coming back she’s going to restock all these today after she does her show.

3rd & spoon edible cookie dough

I was all sold out of Third and Spoon, but Heather came in and we’ve got that all stocked up now. This is new. These spice rubs by Red Beard seasonings. They are an all-veteran organization and they contacted me and wanted to be in here and I said absolutely. I would love to have you in here

Our granolas, we have a full stock of all the beer bread and if you don’t drink beer it’s okay. You can use Soda Pop, Sprite, 7Up, ginger ale. Here’s another new product that we have Belisari’s. For all your charcuterie Board needs

I took all of these home with me and I haven’t had time to use them yet. I’m gonna have to have some friends over and get busy on that. I can’t wait to try them. They haven’t even been here a month yet and I’ve already had some customers coming in here three times to replace. Because they’re having parties and their friends over. Kampfire coffee, Jesse just restocked yesterday all freshly roasted. Boho has their gift sets here. These are bath salts. Then here look at that. It comes with a cute little wooden scoop, bath salts, candles, and candle sets here. Kierdan’s headbands, I pulled out the Christmas ones. We’ve got Santa Claus and we’ve also got Christmas lights. She calls these Sherpa headbands. They’re nice and warm. So soft and they stay put on your head. Danielle makes these. She’s a runner. They stay in place. Here’s one of my newest vendors. This is three woodwick candle. This one is a snowman. There’s another snowman. There were two Christmas trees. She made her first sale. She hasn’t even been here like a week yet and she’s already making sales. Those are in concrete and they’re wood wicks. If you’re familiar with Wood Wicks, they crackle. They just sound real cool.

3 wood wick candles

Who doesn’t like that? Everybody likes that and then Donna has brought in her signs. This one lights up. It has a few different settings. I just have it on just a solid right now but the lights blink or fade in and out.

Look at these gnomes. How cute! Here’s Donna’s sconces. They hang on the wall and they also are lit up Christmas tree.

We’ve got a ton of ornaments, Christmas decor, and hand-painted items. Look at this bucket here. How cute is that? Then we’ve got Amy. She makes these collars. We’ve got a bunch of Christmas ones. Tracy makes these trees there and she also makes these bottles. Look at this! Falls almost over and then what do you do? You just turn it around and you got your Christmas decor? How cute of an idea is that?

specialty soaps made with goat's milk orange

Selena came in and updated her shelf with all her goat’s milk soaps. Pawsome dog treats. We’ve got those and they also have catnip pillows there. All of our wood wood workers. Head to toe Marci Jo. Here’s some other Cups by Candy.

If you could see the quality of these they are just amazing. Look how cute these are.

Infinity scarves. Oh that’s what I wanted to say. When I was driving in today they were talking about how the parking lots are full. You can’t take coolers or bags or whatever. These infinity scarfs have pockets in them and the pockets are big enough that you can get your cell phone, money, and your keys and they’re warm. They’re flannel. So keep these in mind for any games that you need to go to. Hot tea.

gingerbread man string art ornament

Whitney came in and brought her string art here and look at this ornament. The battery must be out. I was gonna say, the ornament lights up if it has a battery in it. We’ll put a battery in there.

Meredith also brought in her new caps. These are so soft.

Bianca brought in new earrings as well. I think that’s enough for now. Listen if you guys have any questions you can ask me right here or you can give us a call. This phone number here is 614-321-6441 or you can email us at or come on in. 18 East Columbus Street in the Old Village of Pickerington. Hope to see you later! Bye! Have a good day.

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