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Breakfast at Mawmaw’s

My Name is Salena Thrasher.

I began Tristegus armed with a bunch of zany goats, and a commitment to providing quality, natural, eco-friendly products.  My handmade products are produced on a micro-farm in the heart of Ohio. There, I am the CEO, barn sanitation engineer, chief goat wrangler, and Mamaw extraordinaire.

I was born and raised in Newark and moved to Granville after marrying my husband Mark.

Tristegus is a combination of my children’s names. Tristan and Tegan.

Tristegus Bath and body products are homemade using the milk from my goats. We strive to provide a product that is natural and has zero waste. For some products, we have not figured out a zero-waste option (lotion) but our soaps, Shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and dishwashing bars keep tons of trash out of landfills.

Tristegus is the name to find us on Facebook, & Instagram. is our web address.

This is my full-time occupation. My dream is for Tristegus to fund a Healing Homestead for women coming out of rehab.

Beautiful orange bar of soap, decorative soap
dish washing soap for dishes
goat's milk dishwashing soap

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