Holiday Hours | Shop Hop 12/8/22 | Journal Making Class

Hi you guys, Janis here with The Humble Crate Artisan Marketplace. It is Wednesday 12:23 and I’ve got a little announcement today. I’m leaving today at three o’clock so if you need anything come before three or the rest of the week it’ll be normal hours. Also, just to let you know starting next week we’re going to be open 10-6pm. You know, gearing up for the holidays with special holiday hours. Put it on your calendar that on December 8th we’re having another shop hop. It was just so incredibly successful that we know that it’s just what you’ve been wanting in the village of Pickerington so we’re going to continue it. I am going to take you around the boutique here on our little tour to see what we have for sale with our local artisan makers.

Today’s Tour Around The Humble Crate Boutique

We have almost transitioned completely to winter but we still have fall. We’ve got a lot of handmade ornaments.

Jay Fetzer Pottery right out of Lancaster. Do you know that all of our makers and Artisans are local to Ohio? 95 percent are local to Ohio.

Anybody looking for a Pick Town or a Pickerington mug? We’ve got them. We’ve got your Ohio State mugs and wine chillers. Don’t forget that we’re an elite distributor for Dixie Belle paint as well.

homemade santa ornament

Hinton’s Honey. Jerry and Jill from the farmers market. People have been asking, “what do you use beeswax for?”. Well, there’s so many items. Guess what? I Googled it and there are three pages of uses for beeswax so I’ve got it right here so that you guys know. It’s just used for so many things. Bees are very important to us so be kind to bees, honeybees. If you see them… more handmade ornaments.

Look at that Santa Claus stained glass up there! How cute! The other day when the sun was coming in, it just looked adorable. Kirsten was in and updated all of her wax melt Aromas. This is new to Kirsten little bear house, their car air fresheners

They smell amazing. She also started making bath bombs. They’re five dollars a piece and they’re packaged really cute. Linen sprays, hand sanitizers and she filled up her clearance basket. Her clearance melts are only three, but her seasonal Aromas are five. If you buy a warmer, you get a wax melt for free. If you buy four regular wax melts, you get one for free. Heather’s tiny Boutique has the most adorable earrings…Christmasy ones.

Journal Making Class

journal making for holiday hours

Jacqueline… have you seen our event that’s coming up? Lovely’s crafting Lodge. Her name is Jacqueline. She is going to be making a journal or we’re going to be having a journal-making class here at the shop. It’s going to be November 27th. It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving and you get to learn how to bind the journal, how to make the journal, how to construct it and you get to pick your designs. She’s going to have several designs available. How cool is that?

We’ve got fairy gardens, candles, and reusable paperless towels. Save money. Don’t buy paper towels and these are Desco Collective wax wraps. You use these instead of Saran Wrap. Get the plastic out of your life. Cups by Candy made this. How cute is that! I put it over here with the spiritwear purple black and white it could be for Pickerington tigers or Panthers. We’ve got spirit wear for all. Future tiger, we’ve got Tigers we got Panthers we’ve got t-shirts we’ve got hoodies we’ve got regular sweatshirts. Lightweight and heavyweight.

You’re looking for a gift to take the person that is preparing your Thanksgiving meal. How about this apron made right here in Pickerington? It says give thanks. We also have this one, pumpkin kisses Harvest wishes. Cute! What does this one say? This one is green. It’s the same as this one right here. It’s just green instead of that maroon color. Look at this one! Grandma’s best helper. Cute! There are so many styles. We have full aprons here and we also have half aprons. All different styles. Bags, hats, and home decor galore. We have our local author corner here. Children’s books, children’s clothing or actually doll baby clothes. These will fit an 18-inch doll like an American Girl doll, for example.

Afghans, bibs, hats, and more air fresheners. There are pillows, and earrings. Peggy just brought these in look at these cute little gnome pillows. How adorable

I’m kind of buzzing through here quick. I hope I’m not making you dizzy but I just want you to see. The amazing diverse selection of items that we have in this shop.

hot chocolate bombs

Charcuterie boards, serving trays, candles, gift boxes, and gift sets. This is one of our newest vendors here. Hi Kirsten! You love the black and white Christmas tree? Yeah, that’s really nice! She does such a great job. Her name’s Bonnie. These are new. These wood-wick candles. There are three wicks in that and this container here. She makes these. This is ceramic and then this is shaped like a snowman here and we have another Snowman and there were two Christmas trees but one of our Christmas trees sold. We’ve got a lot of snowmen represented here and Santa Claus by Pat Smith. This is an original Pat Smith. Everything here. The Snowman candle was so cute? Yes, it really is. Candie came in and updated. We have got hot cocoa bombs Galore. All flavors. We also have a hot cocoa bomb kit. You can take this home, get an apron for you for a little Grandma’s helper there, and then, you guys, what a cute craft idea to make. We only have two of these left. Drizzle dips candy there. It’s that time. I could have used some of these gloves today. I seem to lose gloves every year but anyway gloves and ear warmers. We’ve got tea towels.

We’ve got tote bags. Pickerington and tigers and Ohio State ear warmers and hats and gloves

Here’s our, we’ll call it our food aisle. Granola, third and spoon, coffee. Here are some cute gift ideas. These are three bath salts, different I wanted to say flavor, different Aromas

Holiday Hours

I think that is all I’m gonna do for now. I will be back on later. But don’t forget, you guys, I have to leave today at three but um I’ll be back tomorrow and the rest of the week at regular hours. I put your two Honeys right here. I’ll see you soon and don’t forget I’m closing at three. The rest of the week normal hours and then starting next week Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 6 for our holiday hours. Have a great day! I’ll talk to you soon! Bye!

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