Details about the Pickerington Shop Hop on 11/10/22

Hi you guys. Janis here with the Humble Crate Artisan Marketplace. Have you remembered our shop hop is tonight from four to eight? And don’t forget that the first 10 people that come in here into the shop will get a free tote bag with the humble crate logo on it. I want to show you my Sandwich Board sign here. We are a shop hop stop.

Girls night out. We’ve got passports for everybody for all the different stops on the shop hop. We’ve got Raffles. We’ve got giveaways. I’ve got balloons. Got the open sign. I’ve got this. It’s going to be all lit up. I even have the Christmas tree lit up out here.

Beaded Wreath with Fall Foilage

So we’ve got some new things that have just been coming in in the last couple of days

Bonnie said that all of her fall wreaths and Halloween wreaths are 15 percent off tonight for the shop hop. So that is a bargain there for you


We’ve got the cutest ornaments, you guys, hand painted by Pat Smith. Kristen brought these in, woodblock. Mickey brought those in.

We’ve got some really cute ornaments. I don’t want to walk too fast to make you dizzy, but look at this one. I already sold a couple of those. We’ve got the glass ornaments. Irma made these. These are hand-painted

We’ve got the stained glass

And of course our Buckeye Corner there. Look at this tumbler that Cups by candy brought in.

I love it.

buddy's beard care - beard grooming products

Yep we’ve got a lot of ornaments. Look at this one. I love that. It’s like tie-dye. There’s only one of those.

Buddy came in and stocked up on all of his beard care. Beard oils, beard wash, the Shaving pucks beard care balm.

We’ve got a ton of spirit wear. When is the next playoff game for the Tigers? Come get your spirit wear here.

Look at all the cute things we have.

Hey my little fireplace thing broke. So now I’m thinking should I do something else with this corner? Take that out? Put some merchandise in there? Not really sure. Irma brought in some new tea towels.

And don’t forget that Bonnie said all of her wreaths are 15 percent off the fall and Halloween wreaths

Selena is restocking her goat’s milk soaps. There’s more ornaments here look at how cute these are.

Little Gnome guys, little Santas, snowflakes. Mr. Smith brought in more of Pat Smith’s hand-painted items. This is like a metal mail or not mailbox, like a big lunch pail. It is so cute. I mean this camera I know is not doing it justice. I love this. Another hand-painted Pat Smith original.

dishwashing suds made with goats milk, shop hop

Selena went outside for a sec but she is restocking all of her shampoo bars, goat’s milk soaps, and lotions, dishwashing Suds. Keep the plastic bottles out of your life. We’ve got dishwashing suds.

oh Pawson’s brought in new dog treats. I was down to like two bags so they brought in new.

Okay we’ve got so much stuff you guys I’m walking backwards.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a real quick. Oh! Shaunessa brought in some new stuff today too. Look at that mug. Look at that Grinch. Is that adorable? She has a little special thing going on. You can buy these separately, of course, but if you get the tumbler and the mug and a coozie, one of these, you save seven dollars if you get the set.

I hope to see you tonight at the shop hop. Oh my gosh, I’ve got so many snacks. I’ve got cheese and crackers. I’ve got fruit. I’ve got vegetables. I’ve got bottles of water for anybody if you’re thirsty. I’ve got cookies, they’re pumpkin chocolate chip. I thought that they were crispy, but they’re soft. But if you like them the flavor is great I just wanted a crispy one but they’re here for you guys. I hope to see you soon. I’m gonna have the snacks set up and back. Oh and don’t forget. Let me show you the passports that you guys are gonna get.

The Shop Hop Passport

Everybody gets a passport like that and everybody’s gonna put their own stamp on it. That’s going to be my stamp. Then you’ll get a raffle ticket and then everybody is entered for a giveaway. If you followed the Facebook page announcements, Danielle at Ruby Joy Boutique, posted a basket. I shared it so it’s probably been on a few pages by now. The gift basket giveaway. A lot of the shops participated in the gift basket filling it up. It’s over a $200 value. You get one entry at each store and if you go to all of the stores that are on this passport you get a bonus entry. Okay, all righty so hope to see you tonight! okay, I’m so excited! See you soon! bye

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