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pumpkin ornament decorations

My name is Vera Collier, I am originally from Lima, Ohio, but have lived in Northern Michigan for 18 years until moving to Canal Winchester in 2020. My business is called Painters Creek Folk Art.  I primarily paint in acrylic paint and love to paint on a variety of surfaces. Anything from furniture pieces to Christmas ornaments

I am also a freelance designer for the decorative painting industry and have had a number of my designs published in both print and e-magazines.  What that entails is that I create an original design and then I provide a line drawing and instructions for crafters to recreate the design. I’ve included some pictures of a few recently published projects.

Halloween decoration purple pickup acrylic art

I have been creating folk art and acrylic painting for over 30 years, but have been interested in art and crafts all my life.  It’s always been a side hustle for me as I worked full-time in the corporate world.  I retired in 2020 and have been working on coming up with new designs as well as exploring other art forms such as watercolor and colored pencils in addition to paper crafting.

I don’t really have a creative process.  I seek inspiration from wherever I can get it!  When an idea comes to me, though, I need to act on it right away.  As a result, I always seem to have a lot of different projects on my work table.

I do not have a website, but I do like to work on commission, so anyone who would be interested in something special can contact me via email at

ornamental decorations painted
local honey sign
christmas ornaments with acrylic paint
ornament painted with acrylic paint

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