Bringing Christmas To Humble Crate

Good morning everybody. How you doing? It is Thursday. I’m here early. I went to a ribbon-cutting ceremony around the corner at Ruby Joy. It’s a boutique. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s a clothing boutique. I actually got this sweater there. How cute. Danielle’s over there and it’s an awesome shop.

Another awesome shop is mine! The Humble Create Artist in Marketplace. We are at 18 East Columbus Street in beautiful downtown Pickerington, the old village of Pickerington. And we have some new stuff. I wanna tell you guys. I’m putting up my Christmas tree today! And I’m putting it up where the plants were in the window up here.

Stencil Boho Soul and Lace Transfer - Great Christmas Gift

And question, should I start the Christmas music or should I keep going with my classic rock that I normally do? Wanna show you some changes I made too, to the shop here. I’m gonna walk up to the front and then walk like you guys are coming into the shop. Okay. Alrighty. So, you know that we’re all a retail. We’re, it’s recently new, but we are an elite retailer for Dixie Belle. Dixie Bell Paint Company, chalk paint. Somebody was in here yesterday just thanking me for having it in here, saying that they have a hard time finding chalk paint. We’ve got all the bells and whistles. We’ve got stencils and transfers and decals and, all kinds of stuff. And we’ve got books on how to do it.

We’ve got brushes. We’ve got all kinds of stuff. And don’t forget, we also have our old favorites. We do have Hi Kaylee, how are you? We have our local honey.

Wild Honey Gourmet Snacks near me

I still have fall stuff up too, even though we’re bringing in Christmas. That’s what you do in retail. Listen, people were grabbing outta boxes yesterday, buying the Christmas stuff that I had that the vendors are bringing in. We’ve got a lot of fall and Christmas scents in here. Oh. And little bear house, they have car fresheners now and a lot of their popular sense fragrances, we’ll say fragrances.

And look, they’ve got snowflakes on them. How cute. And she filled up the clearance. All these clearance melts are only $3. Yesterday they were five. Today, these are three. So, if you like some of the wax melts now’s the time to come get ’em. Hi Kelly. But anyway, there’s a new, Oh my gosh.

Oh, I didn’t even see these. These are her new warmers. If you buy one of these warmers, you can get a wax melt package for free. Oh my gosh. I really like that one. That is way cool. I didn’t even see that. She came in late last night. We have linen sprays and spray sanitizers. We have got these junk journals.

You guys, they are so adorable. And tell me if you guys would like this idea. We’re gonna do a journal class. And she, like, her name’s Jacquelyn, she dyes her own paper and puts these all together, stitches them from like different boxes and bags and, and all of this. They’re so cool. I mean, they’re so fancy.

junk journals in pickerington, ohio

Some are fancy, and some are not so fancy. But anyway, we’re thinking about doing a class on a Sunday. Probably this month we’ve got some Christmas teas in, these just came in last night to, I don’t even know what they all say, but we also have all of our Pickerington Panther and Tiger wear.

But what I was going to show you, there’s a new vendor there, candles there. Oh, Buddy came in yesterday. All you people with bearded people that need gifts. Buddy updated all of his products, So, and these bottles are bigger,

buddy's beard care - beard grooming products

so there you go.

All right, So what I am going to show you, What I, what I turned this on to do. This is where the tree’s gonna go. Sarah came and got her plants yesterday, so I’m gonna put, Oops, sorry. I got a call. Oh my gosh. . That was a firetruck horn. Did you hear that? Oh, wow. They’re saying, Hurry up, let’s go. No, I’m kidding.

I don’t know. This is how I changed the shop around, like when you walk in. These used to be back to back, but I have them now all going this way. I think it looks more cohesive. This is like our food aisle. And then I have more stuff because I have another vendor coming in. I’m excited, but I can’t announce it yet.

But they’re gonna go right here and it’s another food item. So there’s a food aisle. My goodness with the horn man. What the heck? , what the heck is that all about?

I got sidetracked cuz somebody texted me. Sorry, I was reading that. I just wanted to show you guys. So what I did was, what I didn’t like about it was the backside. So I’m gonna put something up here so that it doesn’t look like just the back of a sign and I’ve turned some of the product around so that you can see the product from both sides.

I just think that that’s the best solution for that because number one, I can get more vendors in here, and number two, get more people in here and there’s more space. So there you go. I’m just kind of going through here real quick.

So I’m listening to this Amazon Prime and it says that this was a playlist that they made for me. And I thought, Okay, well let me give them a chan a chance. It’s not what I would’ve picked. I think they pick what they want you to listen to, quite frankly. Oh, so do you think that I should do Christmas music while I’m putting up the Christmas tree?

Kind of think I might.

yeah. No offense to whoever’s singing this song, but I never would’ve picked that. All right, so you’ve been through the shop.

Let me see, one more thing. We, I mean, people are buying Christmasy stuff already. Christmas gifts, and we are here till five o’clock today.

We still have fall stuff too. Oh, almost just knocked something over. You see all these things, you guys. These are ornaments that are gonna be going on the tree. These are new ornaments that have come in. How cute are these? Hi Kathy. They’re so cute. And then we’ve got Pickerington Tiger and Panther, Ohio State ornaments.

And what does this one say? Fat Man is coming. And then these are just adorable. Sold several of these just yesterday. They’re wine bottle toppers.

And these are brand new. Haven’t even put ’em out yet. These are bath bombs.

Cute, right? Cute little package. Perfect stocking stuffer.

Okay, well, I better get busy. Come on in. See me today Here, until five. All right, Have a good day. Bye.

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