But First Crochet | Crochet hats, headbands and octopuses

What is your name? Jessica

crochet octopus for babies

Where are you from? Pickerington/Columbus

What is the name of your business?

But First, Crochet

What do you make or sell?

handmade knit and crocheted items, classes, and patterns.

Would you describe your products? Ingredients, types of fabrics, etc.

My items are geared towards women and children.   I crochet octopuses for preemies in the NICU.  They spirals prevent babies from pulling out their lifesaving equipment and resemble the umbilical cord and comfort of the womb.   I enjoy making beanies, stuffed animals and unique gifts you won’t find in the store.  I focus on what’s trending and modern in the “crochet world”.

Do you do this full-time or as a side hustle?

shark crochet headband

Been side hustling my crochet biz since 2017.  Since then I sell on ETSY, my website, Raverly, Skillshare, and locally at the Humble Crate and Holiday Markets.

Do you have another job? What is it if so?

I have a doctorate in Audiology:  I specialize in newborn hearing screenings at OSU Wexner Medical Center.

How did you come up with your business name?

I’m a coffee lover so it’s a spin off of “But First, Coffee”.

What got you started doing this?

I’ve loved crafts ever since I was a little girl.  I started out making friendship bracelets, hemp necklaces, beaded bracelets, and it evolved into crocheting.  I picked it up and put it down for years out of frustration (pre youtube videos).  After I successfully completed a baby blanket for a friend that came out absolutely gorgeous, I was hooked (pun intended).

What is your creative process like?

crochet unicorn hat with ears

I’m on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.  I write patterns as I go using a google doc.  Then the pattern is tested, published, photographed and marketed all by me!

Do you have a website?


How about instagram and facebook?

https://www.instagram.com/butfirstcrochet/https://www.facebook.com/butfirstcrochet.   https://www.pinterest.com/Butfirstcrochet/_created/

I’m most active on IG and Pinterest

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