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light up glass jars with greenery

Hello, my name is Donna Barron. I make farmhouse decor and much more. My business name is Chic Vintage Designs. I repurpose old window hardware, and wood into beautiful decor. For example, I make shelves, benches, and wall hangings. I’ll take a cabinet door and an old post to create a wall hanging. I also repurpose medicine bottles in a variety of ways with lights that add a serene effect to any room.

How I started making Farmhouse Decor

I started out by repurposing an old travel trunk and a friend suggested I should make and sell things. (I told her she was crazy) and now here I am  5 years later still doing it. lol. I truly love creating new items. I try to make it 80 percent different from the year before. new every year so it looks fresh and your not seeing the same item. I believe in making items that change with the season so you’re not stuck with an expensive seasonal item.
I truly have a passion for repurposing antiques and vintage items.  My hope is that my passion will become your treasure.

old barn doors, farmhouse decor
vintage schoolhouse desk
glass bottle wall hanging
jar wall hanging with flowers
vintage door wall hanging farmhouse decor
light up wall hanging farmhouse decor

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