vintage dyed journals

Lovely’s Crafting Lodge | Journals and Dyed Paper

What is your name? Jacquelyn Lovely Where are you from? O-H!!! What is the name of your business? Lovely’s Crafting Lodge  What do you make or sell? Eco-dyed paper and junk journals Would you describe your products? I use all types of papers, textiles, fibers, and designs to create junk journals. My eco-dyed paper is made with a variety of eco-friendly items to include, but not limited to avocado skins and seeds, tumeric, cinnamon, onion skins, and leaves. Ingredients, types …

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hot chocolate bombs

Drizzle Dips | Sweet Treats

What is your name?  Candie  Gutierrez Where are you from? Chester, WV What is the name of your business? Drizzle Dips  What do you make or sell?  Flavored popcorn, buckeyes, fudge, cake pops, hot chocolate bombs. So many sweet treats. She offers 15 flavors of popcorn! Would you describe your products? Ingredients, types of fabrics, etc.  Lots of sugar, LOL  Do you make sweet treats full-time or as a side hustle?  side hustle  Do you have another job? What is it …

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light up jar wall hanging of farmhouse decor

Chic Vintage Designs | Farmhouse Decor

Hello, my name is Donna Barron. I make farmhouse decor and much more. My business name is Chic Vintage Designs. I repurpose old window hardware, and wood into beautiful decor. For example, I make shelves, benches, and wall hangings. I’ll take a cabinet door and an old post to create a wall hanging. I also repurpose medicine bottles in a variety of ways with lights that add a serene effect to any room. How I started making Farmhouse Decor I …

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beautiful purple and white soap

Tristegus | Soap, Shampoo & Dishwashing Bars

My Name is Salena Thrasher. I began Tristegus armed with a bunch of zany goats, and a commitment to providing quality, natural, eco-friendly products.  My handmade products are produced on a micro-farm in the heart of Ohio. There, I am the CEO, barn sanitation engineer, chief goat wrangler, and Mamaw extraordinaire. I was born and raised in Newark and moved to Granville after marrying my husband Mark. Tristegus is a combination of my children’s names. Tristan and Tegan. Tristegus Bath and body products …

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illustrated tea towel

Hazelmade | Illustrated Paper and Home Goods

What is your name? Susan Hazel Rich Where are you from? Ohio  What is the name of your business? Hazelmade  What do you make or sell? Illustrated Home, Gift, and Paper Goods. My tea towels are available at The Humble Crate. Would you describe your products? Ingredients, types of fabrics, etc. Hazelmade is a collection of illustrated paper and home goods by Susan Hazel Rich. Each design is thoughtfully hand-drawn and carefully paired with the highest quality environmentally friendly papers, durable cotton …

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multi colored animal print purse

Elegant Upcycle | One Of A Kind Purses

What is your name? My name is Christine and my business partner is Sandy. Where are you from? We both live in the Groveport Madison school district area.  What is the name of your business? Our business is Elegant Upcycle What do you make or sell? We don’t make our products but they are all handmade. Our primary products are purses and other accessories that are made out of textiles saved from the landfill like carpet, hide, leather and canvas. Our newest product line …

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Buddy's Beard Care Men's Grooming Products

Buddy’s Beard Care | Men’s Grooming Products

What is your name? Buddy Holley Where are you from? Newark, Ohio What is the name of your business? Buddy’s Beard Care What do you make or sell? Men’s Grooming products  Would you describe your products? Ingredients, types of fabrics, etc. All of our products are made with premium ingredients and most of our suppliers are located in Ohio. Do you do this full-time or as a side hustle? This is a side Hustle Do you have another job? What …

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osu pattern dog collar

Trendies4Pups | Dog Collars and Leashes

My name is Amy and I’m the owner of Trendies. I’m a full-time 4th-grade teacher who loves making handmade dog collars. My business began as a result of a holiday class project to give back to the local animal shelter.  I started my small dog collar business 3 years ago in January selling at in-person craft shows, festivals, and my Etsy shop Trendies4pups.  The name Trendies was created using letters from the dog’s names I’ve had through the years.   Trendies products are fashionable, …

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bath teas for relaxation

The Boho Bath Boutique | Bath Teas, Soy Candles & Bath Bombs

What is your name? Maria Rosenfeld Where are you from? Hilliard, Ohio What is the name of your business? The Boho Bath Boutique  What do you make or sell? Candles and bath products Would you describe your products? Soy candles in various sizes, bath teas, bath salts, bath bombs using essential oils, self-care gift sets  What are Bath Teas? Bath tea is a type of tea that is meant to be used in the bath. The tea leaves are steeped …

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decorations pumpkin ornament acrylic art

Painters Creek Folk Art | Acrylic Paint | Furniture & Ornaments

My name is Vera Collier, I am originally from Lima, Ohio, but have lived in Northern Michigan for 18 years until moving to Canal Winchester in 2020. My business is called Painters Creek Folk Art.  I primarily paint in acrylic paint and love to paint on a variety of surfaces. Anything from furniture pieces to Christmas ornaments I am also a freelance designer for the decorative painting industry and have had a number of my designs published in both print …

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